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Paul Leo Klink headshotPaul Leo Klink, (born July 28, 1965 in Auburn, New York) is an Actor, American business professional, published author, and philanthropist. Paul lives on the Island of Oahu in the beautiful state of Hawaii.

Klink was raised and educated in upstate New York where he attended the State University of New York majoring in business, psychology, and computer science. In 1985, he had grown weary of the New York cold and moved to Honolulu, Hawaii for warmer winters. Since his arrival in Hawaii, Klink has founded “The Aloha Foundation”,, and several other non-profit organizations.

Klink has overseen the development and operations of numerous companies in the state of Hawaii and throughout the United States. He is the former President of Aloha Direct, a total–service marketing and advertisement firm and division of Klink Inc. Worldwide. Through Aloha Direct he introduced advanced electronic marketing, video infotainment, and database services to the state of Hawaii. Klink is also the former Chairman and Founder of Information Technology, a multinational corporation that designs, builds, and maintains information systems for public, private and academic organizations. Klink is also the author of the phrase “Live Aloha”; one of his most notable achievements.

Live Aloha

In the summer of 1993, a group of concerned Hawaii community leaders, to include Klink, assembled to discuss government reform. They were concerned about issues facing Hawaii residents and the direction the Hawaii government was headed with Hawaii’s rapid rate of urbanization. The group determined that it was up to its people to take responsibility of their own lives to create a better Hawaii. From this, the group created three pillars:

Ask Hawai‘i’s people to undertake certain basic actions in their daily lives.
These actions would encourage sharing and caring, and would build community. There would be a common set of actions so that everyone could gather strength and a sense of community from seeing each other participate.

The actions would be easy to do regardless of where people lived, what they did, or how much money or power they believed they possessed.  The group would provide a rallying point, a symbol and a call to action, to bring people together.

In 1994, Klink, authored the phrase “Live Aloha”, giving birth to the movement. The group accepted Pilahi Paki’s tenet of “Aloha” as the foundation of the phrase. Originally the group distributed bumper stickers and a card explaining twelve everyday actions that anyone could perform. To date, the Live Aloha campaign has distributed millions of bumper stickers throughout Hawaii and around the world. Live Aloha bumber stickers have also been produced in Arabic for American soldiers in Iraq.

Acting Career:

Most recently Paul had a role in the second episode of CBS’s 2010 Hawaii Five-O. He played a distraught father, temporarily trapped in an elevator with the two main characters of the series; Alex O’Loughlin & Scott Caan.


Paul is a born promoter.  When people need something promoted, whether it be a night clubs, grand opening, concerts, political, acting or comic career, they turn to Paul.  He has the credentials and skill along with the necessary connections to “get the ball rolling”


Paul is a world traveler.  When he is not acting, promoting or helping people you can find him on a plane, train or boat to some distant land making friends and spreading Aloha around the world.

Community involvement

Klink’s commitment to his community has been demonstrated over two decades of service. In 1994, Paul was hand-picked as Chairman of Ad2 to spearhead the Rock’n Vote Hawaii. This endeavor created live forums where Hawaii’s youth came face-to-face with major political candidates. In 1998, he sponsored First Night Hawaii to foster an “alochol-free celebration of the arts” for Hawaii residents. In 2005, months after dealing with debilitating health issues, Klink was invited to be the guest speaker at the University of Phoenix Honolulu instructing classes on Internet Marketing and Ecommerce.[8] He also donated generously to Hawaii’s Life Foundation for the awareness and prevention of HIV and AIDS. During the Christmas season of 2007, Klink volunteeed as part of KHON-TV’s Lokahi Team collecting toys to help struggling families during the holiday season.

Health triumphs

In 1984, at the age of 19, Klink was diagnosed with a hereditary heart condition called arterial sclerosis. Due to this condition, the elder men in his family, including his father and grandfater, died before the age of 41. In December 2002, Klink survived a severe heart attack and a second two years later on December 11, 2004 while volunteering at the Sony Open. In 2006 he returned to the Sony Open, where he had volunteered for over fifteen years. While dealing with a history of intense health issues, Klink’s weight ballooned to over 350 pounds, requiring him to use a wheelchair, for two years. Determined to change his life, Klink lost over 170 pounds and finished the 2006 Honolulu Marathon in 8:29:20. However, Klink’s severe health concerns forced him to retire from the stresses of business to his Honolulu home. Now fully disabled, Paul credits the love of his son for his fierce determination to not only survive, but to live.


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Paul Leo Klink

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