MSNBC Staff Assaults Alex Jones & Free Speech

A careful video analysis of the Alex Jones & 9/11 Truth takeover of MSNBC in Denver during the DNC shows that members of MSNBC’s crew assaulted Jones’ and his equipment– including severing the cord to his bullhorn with a knife / wirecutter tool. Others in the MSNBC crew smudged lenses and shoved Jones’ crew members– angry that free speech could challenged the tightly controlled MSM broadcast. Members of the primarily pro-Obama crowd also attacked 9/11 truthers… But they could not stop free speech. Alex came back moments later to join Luke Rudkowski and several members of We Are Change Colorado– along with two more bullhorns and many more messages of truth were broadcast over the air. Only when Keith Olbermann had his producers ask the 9/11 truthers to allow his broadcast to go on interrupted did the crew decided to leave– because Olbermann was the only MSM newscaster to cover reports of Cheney’s planned false-flag attack on US Navy Seals. OR WATCH THIS AND OTHER PRODUCTIONS IN HIGH-QUALITY ONLY AT