More Than Just Violence And Drug Abuse

On April 6th, Black Forest Restaurant opened with a special lunch menu. Their signature dinner dishes included a wide range of sandwiches and fresh salads. Black Forest is now also providing computer repair services which are available from Monday to Friday, 11 a.m to 10 p.m. Saturdays are closed at Black Forest. Delight in a delicious meal on other days and make use of the free WiFi facilities available here; surf the net, play games or check your email.

The national security spokesman for Mexico said that the ratio for drug violence has dropped comparatively from last year’s drug related cases and deaths. It seems like Mexico is finally striving to become a safe resort for its tourists. This March, the federal government sent more soldiers to the borders to control violence so that the visitors can move around carefree. Still to be on the safe side, avoid the bordering areas.

These are not the only steps the government has taken to make Puerto Vallarta more attractive to its residents and visitors. The New International Convention Center is now open, which is expected to lead the tourism market. This convention center is crafted with a lot of beauty. It spreads over 17 hectares of land and its architecture allows capacity for almost 7,000 people. This Convention Center is going to become an icon and a branded landmark for international businesses and the entertainment industry.

English & Spanish classes of have managed to collect a large number of donations. Thanks to the volunteer teachers who helped to lead these classes. The classes just ended this spring. However next fall, you can sign up for the new batch if you wish to be a part of Pvrpv’s English/Spanish classes.

Pvrpv has collected a list of organizations that need help with charity and donations. If you want to be a part of responsible charity organizations then go through pvrpv’s column, where you can choose links and contact the organizations. There are various ways in which you can help these organizations, but do contact them before you pack your bags for a vacation in Puerto Vallarta.

From this week onwards, Mexico City’s police will issue residents a fine if they leave their faucets running or waste water in any other manner. Residents have lately begun to hold water fights, wasting a lot of water. There were warnings before as well, but now the offenders will have to pay a fine of 1,644 pesos. Some areas will soon have to face the consequences of water shortages because of the drought conditions in nearby reservoirs. There are chances water shortage will go on for a while and some officials fear that the water pressure is not going to be normal for a while.

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