MARS: Egyptian statue revealed!

Can it be? Is there an Egyptian-styled figurine carved into the side of an ancient cliff face on Mars? If they thought the mermaid/bigfoot figurine was impressive, CNN needs to see this one. This is larger and even more detailed. Still pics, etc. at this link: This odd figure photographed by the Opportunity rover on Mars, was discovered by iammonkey (Amanda Reilly) of AboveTopSecret. Award winning NASA-Ames super resolution software revealed these amazing details! Several other members of ATS contributed nearby finds such as conjunktionman and rosscross. Numerous interesting images are found in the thread on ATS: The image is located at “Cape St. Vincent,” a promontory on the interior crater wall of Victoria Crater. Victoria Crater is considered to be an extremely old crater, perhaps billions of years old. Now, how far away are those pyramids? Image credit: NASA/JPL