Mars 007 by Dave Beamer

A renowned yet recently passed away astronomer Tom Van Flandern has a working theory on how the Main asteroid belt came about due to an exploded planet. From Sumerian text, I deduce it was lost planet Maldek. Some call it the “Covering Cherub” lost planet? I incorporate Tom’s unique idea in my understanding of Mars. It’s a Nephilim “moon base” which has many ancient alien objects I recently located via the Rovers. To me Mars was Maldek’s moon prior to Noah’s flood. There are alien remains, tunnels, graven images, and machines that can still be seen in the Victoria crater. Mars has most of its’ craters on one side of the planet. This suggests a massive and rather short term (less then one half a “Sol” or Mars Day) catastrophic bombarded on 50% of the surface. There are still many subsurface dwellings. I believe some life forms survived deep underground. I have also found two biped shapes in rover Sol # 974 in the Victoria Crater slide show. Here are some original picture links (Just add light & turn down contrast with any camera software :) Yes there was a Star Wars! Dave Beamer Tom’s Theory: “Covering Cherub” Theory: Mars 2007 ATS:



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