5 Examples of Ruthless Lying Cops, Drunk With Too Much Power, Brutalizing & Harassing People Videos

Handcuffed women, under arrest, trips and falls in the middle of the room (where the blood is) breaking her teeth, cracking her jaw, cutting her forehead, fattening her lips and blackening her eyes

Funny how those temperamental police cameras sometimes stop recording during certain events.  must be a glitch in the system.  Whatever your opinion of this women is, drunk, “combative” a bitch, etc.. there is no excuse for what happens.  Apparently the police didn’t feel that part of the video was important as they clearly tampered with it.  Isn’t tampering with evidence supposed to be illegal?  This bastard cop actually has the never to say “she fell”.  Would the police buy that bullshit story if they came to a home and a women had those marks and the husband said “she fell”  Why do the police seem to have a different code, different rules, different laws?

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Shreveport Louisiana Police decided NOT to file charges against police officer Wiley Willis because “No one knows what really happened during that time because the camera had been shut off.”


Police taze a 16 year old child 19 times who is semi conscious suffering from a broken back and broken off heel after falling from a bridge!

You heard me right, a 16 year old boy falls from a bridge, police come across him laying on the ground and claim he was “non compliant” and “incoherent” so what did they do? TAZED HIM 19 TIMES until he went into a coma.  Blood testing showed he was clean of alcohol and drugs.  Ozark Police Dept Captain Thomas Rousset claimed they tazed him because he “refused to comply with the officers and making incoherent statements.  wow.  keep in mind this isnt just one bad apple cop, this is many officers at the scene and the Captain all believing they did a good job.  Who were they serving?  Who were they protecting?

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Cop caught on tape telling a kid that not only was he going to make up any charges he wants to arrest him, but that it is standard practice with all cops, that he and other cops have the power to “ruin your life, your career and everything”  He threatens the kid with open ended, bar room style threats and intimidation for no reason whatsoever.

This cop is simply “ecstatic” with his power.  When he discovers the kid has a video recorder going he says “I don’t really care, I will tow this car and tear it all apart anyway”.

You can skip ahead to 55 seconds to get right to the juice.  The clicking is fuzz buster.  I can just imagine how this fucking pig talks to his kids, if I had him as a dad I would kill myself.


What an obnoxious fat head: Was he in fear of this kid?  Geeze, if this is the way this cop handles stress from a few kids, how would he react in real world situations?  How would this cop react if I grabbed a kid and threw him down?


TRAGEDY: what is the result of all that pent up rage and hostility?  what happens when the cop is just too filled up with power?  they explode like a bomb, as in the next video where an officer snaps and decides to murder 6 kids, then finally (and supposedly) he commits suicide by shooting himself three times until he is dead.