Video: someone who truly hates Obama

Love him or hate him, you certainly can not accuse him of being boring.
Below are some quotes from James Manning, a man who really, REALLY hates Obama.
“White Folk Ain’t Gonna Take It No More, and Thank God for that!”
“there’s gonna be a peace embargo by white folks, they not gonna take it no more”
“Ya’ll thought it was something when the black folk rioted, hold on, wait till you see the white folks come to town, I don’t blame em…. I wanna join ’em!”
“Y’all gonna push these white folk till they can’t take it no more!”
“Obama and Larry Sinclaire had a steamy love affair in the back of a limo and in the Holiday Inn…”
“If this emissary of the devil, vice president of genocide in hell, long legged mac daddy, half breed, illegal alien, two tongued, lying, quasi Muslim, socialist, communist, Marxist freak usurper called Barrack Hussein Obama doesnt resign, white people are going to riot in the street”
He then calls Keith Oberman and Chris Mathews homosexual Obama idolaters.
Oh man, this video is too much!  Hope you get a kick out of it.