Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove Depicted Classified Plans

KUBRICK & DR. STRANGELOVE DEPICTED CLASSIFIED CONTINUITY OF GOVERNMENT PLANS Commentators in ‘Kubrick: A Life in Pictures’ point out that Stanley Kubrick’s satirical black comedy Dr. Strangelove had an uncanny resemblance to what could really happen in regards to authority to drop ‘the bomb.’ Kubrick had effectively deciphered Strategic Air Command and understood the dilemmas and unconstitutional provisions planned for continuity of government long before such items were declassified or discussed in public. In another section, a former set designer describes the highly accurate details that Kubrick’s military aircraft and other set pieces had. Apparently, they made some military supervisors a bit uncomfortable at Kubrick’s near-reality vision. Now more than 40 years later, continuity of government programs are out of control, leaving the shadow government in de facto power behind the throne of any and all president’s will. Just think of the horrifying powers that have been extorted by way of the Cold War detente, secret wars in the 80s, the CIA’s own secret expansion, black budgets, FEMA, Oliver North, executive over-reach in general and now through the War on Terror… google Strategic Air Command, Curtis Le May www.PrisonPlanet.com www.Infowars.com www.JonesReport.com www.TruthNews.us www.RonPaulWarRoom.com www.FealGoodFoundation.com www.WeAreChange.org