Julian Assange, 2/2: France24 Debate – was WikiLeaks right to release Afghan war documents?

(composite video) WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange responds to criticisms about the release of Afghan war files….. incl. comparison with Israeli IDF soldiers’ covert reports on Gaza invasion….. “Breaking the silence” @ 3.40+ *Why NATO Should Withdraw from Afghanistan – It is difficult for politicians to admit they were wrong. But when it comes to Afghanistan, the consequences of not doing so could be high. It is time for the West to cut its losses and withdraw. The most difficult thing to do in politics is to change course — admitting that everything that was right yesterday is wrong today. It is a particularly challenging maneuver when the decision is between war and peace…. www.spiegel.de *War Logs Spark German Debate on Afghanistan Conflict – The publication of the Afghanistan war logs by WikiLeaks has sparked a new debate about Germany’s involvement in the conflict. The Social Democrats are threatening to withhold support for an extension of the German mission’s mandate if the government does not provide answers about alleged wrongdoings revealed in the secret reports. Speaking to SPIEGEL about the publication of the Afghanistan war logs, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said the material “will change the opinion of people in positions of political and diplomatic influence.” In Germany, at least, his prediction appears to be coming true….. www.spiegel.de *Washington’s Hidden Enemy – Logs Suggest Pakistani Intelligence Controls Course of War – Pakistan’s