Judge will not Tolerate Abusive Cop

This film is in The Public Interest. Please visit my channel www.youtube.com The people at StoptheDrugWar.com posted this news report regarding a police officer who arrested man who was believed, by the officer to have marijuana. The cop couldn’t find the marijuana so he then assumed the man was swallowing it. To prevent this the officer then began chocking the man, who was restrained in handcuffs and who didn’t try to fight or resist in any way. It is bad news when cops think they have the right to choke restrained individuals period. And any cop who so thinks should be removed from duty permanently. A local judge in Mount Juliet, TN, where the cop assaulted the man, was so dismayed by the unprovoked attack he threw the officer out of his court and told him he would dismiss any case he files. I don’t blame the judge. This office is unreliable. I’ll go further, this officer is a criminal. The problems got worse for the officer. Office Crosby, the uniformed thug in question, was attempting to force the man to spit out marijuana. The man’s refusal to do so meant more choking of him in order to force him to produce the evidence. The stupid officer never considered another alternative — that the man had no marijuana and couldn’t spit it out since it wasn’t there. In fact, tests on the man proved that to be the case. NO marijuana was in his system at all. None that day, none in the past that they could find. Remember a little incident in history called the Holy Inquisition. A