Jim Anderson (Red Sky) "Protecting The Past" (GENECIDE POEM)

Wonderful video of Jim Anderson discussing the desecration of sacred Native Sites including burial mounds. ending with a lone sad flute playing while he reads his poem entitled "Genocide"


Strong & loyal words. Beautiful heart.
Beautiful people. Thank you for posting this so we all may be enlightened on these issues.
Much love. Many blessings~ Nicole Jetté

A great talk and lesson for us all to protect our cultures. def got my 5* vote!


Thank You ladychoctaw for sharing this video, it should be a crime for them to dig up our sacred grounds where our people are buried… We all know what would happen if we did this in THEIR burial grounds of today?


i agree with walkingbear56 there arnt some thing that are not for sale!!!! Native pride all the way. stop destroying the sacred sites!


i agree with you ladychoctaw we must all pray for our heritage and hold it dear to our hearts thanks for sharing with me god bless and peace aho


It is terrible that they should be allowed to dig up these sacred sites They should be preserved for future generations to visit and remember. Just another example of how heartless and gutless the men in power are to let this happen.


thank you for this…..Yes its a disease take… take…. take..well there are some things that arent for sale…EVER


We must preserve our sacred sites always! Our ancestors blood runs thru our veins and my heart weeps when I think what happened to them! We must all pray for our heritage and hold it dear to our hearts! Aho!