Iraq Veterans Against the War – Pres. Debate Footage – P. 2

UPDATE BREAKING UPDATE: On November 25th, 2008 the Hempstead 15 were vindicated by the Justice system of the United States of America. All charges were dropped against the veterans and civilians that were arrested during the Presidential debate. This is a victory for the veterans, the civilians that took place in the protest, for Lady Liberty and the entire USA. Thank you to everyone who has followed this story, for sending your support to the troops, and for calling the Nassau County Police Department and the district attorney. YOU MADE THE DIFFERENCE! 10/15/08: Presidential Debate Unseen “Hidden Microphone” Footage – Police Arrest and Abuse Iraq Veterans Against the War Nick Morgan gets his face trampled by a police officer’s horse… Produced by Mr. E of at the New York Film Academy in association with the Glass Bead Collective This video is dedicated to every veteran, dead or alive, who has ever been pushed around by a police officer that enjoys abusing his or her power. Furthermore, this video is dedicated to every veteran, dead or alive, who has fought to protect our liberties. Especially those who have come back to find that their liberties have been extinguished while they fought abroad. Thank you to Adam Kokesh, Matthis Chiroux , Kristofer Goldsmith, Nick Morgan and the other veterans and civilians at the debate who were willing to risk arrest and their lives to let their voices be heard. You will be remembered forever. Why is this injustice