How many subs does North Korea have?

Here’s a surprising fact: North Korea currently has more combat attack subs than any other country in the world. They have a gigantic navy of almost 800 combat vessels including over 70 submarines.
They also have at least 6 experimental ballistic missile submarines. These high tech Diesel-electric submarines can fire conventional or nuclear missiles against land, sky or ocean targets.
There are rumors that 6 more are being constructed in their shipyards while you read this.
Many people assume our military can take out any missile they fire from land before it gets to the United States. “No way man, Kim’s an idiot, his rockets can’t get all the way to us and even if they could, even if he shot all of his rockets at us, we’d blast every one of them out of the sky before they got halfway to us” as I heard one guy in a pub mention recently.
No worries, eh?
Well, even if only a small fraction of their submarines snuck past the US ships and got close to US shores, even if only ONE got close and fired its barrage of nuclear missiles… The attack could be devastating for Americans.
But don’t worry, that can’t happen, mistakes are never made, right?

How many subs does North Korea have