HOAX! – Video 4 of UFO over Temple Mount in Jerusalem is Fake – HOAX!

-update- Let me make this clear… the people who created the hoax used a real video of the Temple. It had real cars on the streets. However, the original video they used didn’t have any camera shake or zoom. This is because it is harder to add CGI elements into a video that is shaking and zooming, and still make it look real. It’s easier to add CGI elements to a video that is not shaking or zooming or moving. After they added the fake UFO, they added the fake camera shake and the fake zoom so it would be more believable. The only real camera movement during the whole video was when they quickly pan up to the sky. Even though i used a still picture in this video demonstration, that was only to demonstrate the similarity of the camera shake and zoom. If I had a video, I could have imported that and it would be the same thing, but I don’t have a good video for that right now. -end update- Discuss here is you wish: www.abovetopsecret.com -update- Some people keep saying “they didn’t use a picture, they used a video”. Yes, I know… What I demonstrated could be done exactly with video. Instead of importing an image, I can import a video. I just don’t have one right now. With the program I show you, you can animate and move the light above the Temple however you want, exactly like the original video. You could also reproduce ALL the flashes in the video too…. I just didn’t explain all that. There is plenty of “After Effects” tutorials on YouTube that already explain that