Gulf Oil Spill – Petroleum poisioning and Volcano.mp4

henningkemner FREEDOMLINK BLOG RADIO As the name already suggests, this crust is below the oceans. There, the crust is 4-7 miles (6-11 km) thick. The rocks of the oceanic crust are very young compared with the rocks of the continental crust. Gulf of Mexico CRUST MEXICAN GULF BP had NO safety on the frilling: here is proof – UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT MEMORANDUM webbot GULF OIL SPILL GAS SPREAD PREDICTION COREXIT® 9500 Tent Cities NWO to wipe out 30 million people in Gulf states, Central & South America Tsunami alert for Mexican Gulf on July 23!! Camelot Source Obama Nuke FOLLOW THE MONEY Obama’s War Valcano in the Mexican Gulf ( Texas coastline ) Bullit proof seismic surveys Mexican Gulf please share and subscribe, thanks! henningkemner 2010MsBambi