G20 Toronto Protest cops forcing the crowd back

*****CLICK HERE FOR MORE G20 INFO / LINKS / VIDEOS***** Facebook group: Canadians Demanding a Public Inquiry into Toronto G20 www.facebook.com Canadian Civil Liberties Association ccla.org Sign the petition for a PUBLIC INQUIRY. Amnesty International www.amnesty.ca Sign the petition for a PUBLIC INQUIRY. NEWS Jul 5, 2010 Niagara at Large: Police beat 57 year old amputee, rip out prosthetic leg, detain for 27 hours niagaraatlarge.com Jul 5, 2010 Winnipeg Sun: detained women strip searched by male officers, threatened with rape www.winnipegsun.com Jul 2, 2010 Toronto Star: Yonge St. store owners call police, told “protect yourselves” www.thestar.com Jun 30, 2010 Toronto Sun: Police given “do not engage” orders in response to Black Bloc vandalism www.torontosun.com Jun 29, 2010 BlogTO: Photos from inside detention centre www.blogto.com Jun 29, 2010 Back of the Book: Detailed firsthand account of arrest and detention backofthebook.ca Jun 28, 2010 The Link: Details of horrific conditions in detention centre www.thelinknewspaper.ca Jun 28, 2010 Toronto Star: stories about arrests and police abuse www.thestar.com RELATED VIDEOS Jun 29, 2010 Firsthand account of women strip searched by male officers, threatened with rape www.youtube.com Jun 28, 2010 Police violently snatching huddling bystanders at Queen/Spadina www.youtube.com Jun 26, 2010 Police violently rounding up peaceful protesters in Queen’s Park vimeo.com Jun 25, 2010 Police explicitly state policy of “violate rights



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