Below are the actual, full videos from the ACORN scandal featuring undercover actors from Veritas Visuals pretending to be an underage prostitute, a pimp, a crooked con man politician, a crooked banker, they even go so far as to ask for ACORNS assistance and advice in how to traffic in kidnapped chilren which they will turn into sex slaves!  Listen to one of the ACORN workers as she callously tells them that they (the actors) can bring the level of decency or indecency to any level they want.  Listen as one ACORN employee tells the undercover team that she is no stranger to crime, that after being a hooker she moved on to become a female pimp and then finally set-up and then murdered her husband. She then told them that she would threaten to kill another person whom she had brought into the conversation.  Other ACORN employees get excited when they discover that they can assist in the creation of an international child prostitution ring! Still others explaining how to lie and cheat on taxes. How low will these ACORN workers go?  watch the videos and see for yourself.  Just another example of corrupt inner city criminal training grounds

Pretty cool that YOUR tax money went to pay for these individuals on the video AND the people they normally advise eh?

Below, full hidden Baltimore ACORN video, part 1 of 2

Below, complete video Baltimore ACORN scandal, part 2 of 2

BELOW: San Bernardino, California ACORN worker admits to murder, prostitution, pandering and more.

BELOW NYC ACORN Prostitution Investigation – James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles – Part 1 of 2

BELOW ACORN NYC Child Prostitution Investigation Part 2 of 2

ACORN DC Prostitution Investigation.

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