UFO ATTACK! UNDER ATTACK! PRESSING NEWS!! OCTOBER 13, 2010 Qinling mountains in China www.godlikeproductions.com www.abovetopsecret.com news.cn.yahoo.com (Xinhua Ji Nan) 10 13, one on “the end of the Qinling Mountains to a village to disappear overnight,” the post pass crazy on the network, especially in the micro-Bo was crazy reserved. After many journalists confirmed that the network confirmed rumors of the news department. “I have heard, yesterday at 4 am, a village in the Qinling Mountains at the end, all disappeared overnight! … … There are a large number of troops sealed off the scene … …” Baidu Post Bar in the Qinling reporter saw a lot of friends concerned about the so-called “foot of the Qinling Mountains next village disappeared.” More users skeptical on the matter. Reporters today (13), respectively, to Shaanxi Provincial Public Security Bureau, Shaanxi Military District, and the Qinling Mountains surrounding Hanzhong, Ankang, Baoji, Xi’an, Shangluo confirmation, the parties did not receive any relevant reports have indicated that Network attached network belongs to the rumors. Witness says This morning when the army several road bound for Quiling mountains. Passing from the streets of out county, tanks, missiles, transport vehicles as well as that covered with canvas. about 10 o’clock last night, saw a lot of people in our county over Quiling Mountains have a very strange direction of the flash, according to witnesses that the flash was purple, the