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I have followed Shapiro’s career for many years from his controversial writing on a “third way” which many have labeled a creationist point of view to his re-evaluation of “evolution in the 21st century” that turns the theory on its head necessitating a complete revamp of the entire theory again. This is why many people refer to it as “Just a theory” and not a fact because facts of evidence mean more to us than they do the “darwits” that believe in this garbage junk science and that Shapiro’s research shows a compelling argument DNA had to have been designed. Facts are pieces of physical evidence the kind that can be so critical to an argument they can vindicate or condemn a person to freedom or condemn him to a death sentence. So it is of paramount importance that facts are the kind of evidence where reasonable doubt they are anything else is something the average man can not object if he is honest with himself. It is also the reason evolution has so many still thinking it is a crock of baloney because the evidence for it today is debunked tomorrow as the hoax or fudged data of yesterday. Yet that never stops the Darwinist’s that defend it to keep it on the pile of peer reviewed bunkem they continue to pass off as fact regardless of the century old pile of piltdown paleontology and fraud it continues to create as the evidence supporting an atheists dream and the perfect excuse to make science the authority of the state and eugenics the wonderful answer to everything we