Did Glenn Beck Rape and Murder a Girl in 1990

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GLENN BECK, worst person of the week is a pompous asshole



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It’s quite amazing all the hoopla this story has been generating.

One has only to type in any of the following searches to see countless stories, pages, blurbs and even entire websites devoted to the story of whether Glenn Beck really did rape and murder a girl in 1990!

Some people are saying that in fact Glenn Beck DID rape and murder a girl in 1990.  Some people say that he DID get arrested and that Glenn Beck was charged with rape and charged with murder.

Do I think that Glenn Beck is a self serving bastard, yes.  Do I think that he is a corporate stooge and a government plant? yes.  Why do I think that?  because of the following reasons:

Glenn Beck seems to be incapable of performing even one interview or hosting show without screaming about government oppression, destruction of civil liberties, rape of the constitution, socialism, apocalyptic events and screaming conspiracy at the top of his voice,  He quotes people who were considered anarchists, terrorists and revolutionists (Adams, Franklin, Washington, etc.), …. yet whenever anyone, even the VICTIMS of 9/11 ask a question, he cuts them off, screams at them, makes a mockery of them… whatever their title, professor, doctor, scientists, he asks will refuse to let them talk, instead he starts asking them if they also believe in Elvis and aliens.  He is a two faced, loose cannon, fat head, religion pushing pompous asshole.  HERE are videos of Glenn Beck decrying his hatred for the victims and families of the victims, claiming that people who try to investigate 911 or try to get questions about 9 11 answered are terrorists, that 9 11 “truthers” are trying to overthrow the government and that people who think there may be something fishy about the happenings of 9-11 also celebrate Muslim extremists, Timothy McVeigh and abortion doctor murderers…. wow, Glenn Beck is really afraid of anyone who asks for the truth.  I mean REALLY afraid….  makes you think a little doesn’t it.   Is he afraid of people who ask questions about Elvis being alive, if we made it to the moon or why was Kennedy shot?  Does he spend entire episodes devoted to debunking Martian probing of humans?  Why has Glenn Beck taken it upon himself to be the spokesperson for the government when it comes to what truly happened on 9/11?  I was not in New York on that fateful day, I am not a scientists or an engineer or an architect.  I can not say what happened because I do not know, but at least I can admit that I do not know.  How is Glenn Beck so sure HE know what happened?  It is wrong to oppress a search for truth and answers.  Glenn Beck does that every chance he gets.  what makes it worse is that he “pretends” to actually be afraid of the government, he pretends he is on the side of the people, in fact it could not be farther from the truth.  Glenn Beck is so dangerous because he is “the inside guy” for the government.  We have embraced Glenn Beck and he is accepted into our homes every night, people from all sides and all classes appreciate him, the more he yells about the government and how we need to fight for our rights, the more we love him. BUT it is all a diversionary tactic.  He convinces us that HE will stand up for truth, he makes a mockery of anyone who goes against his opinion and because we got suckered into his non stop “power to the people” rhetoric we now think we can trust him.  what a con.  It is a “good cop bad cop” game where the Government is the bad cop and Glenn Beck is the good cop but they are both working us towards the same end.




Do I think it is true that Glenn Beck Murdered and Raped a girl in 1990?  It is not up to me to decide and share my opinion on a topic I know nothing of.  I have no way of knowing, if you think that you have some information, please share it.

I assume that the countless sites discussing this top may be satire, perhaps they are giving Glenn Beck a taste of his own medicine, after all, he uses defamy on a regular basis, he discredits with a wave of his fat little hand any important topics or comments by anyone who has a differing opinion.  He classifies anyone: victims of 9/11 and their families, photographers, bloggers, scientists, doctors, pilots, military veterans, architects, structural engineers, demolitions experts, … anyone who’s point of view differs from Mr Becks  or asks questions about 9 11,  as terrorists trying to destroy America.  He says over and over how HE, the almighty Glen Beck must warn all of the people about these monsters, these “truthers” (watch him, when he says truthers he almost looks as if he is about to vomit, watch him, you will see what I mean) are ALL, people who hate the U.S. and who are as bad as and side with Timothy Mc Veigh and believe Elvis is still alive and we never walked on the moon.  So, is Glenn Beck angry about all these websites asking if Glenn Beck Murdered A Girl in 1990?  *****Who the fuck cares?



***The following are just some (I spent a total of about 5 minutes in ****Google looking for them) of the websites that either call Glenn Beck a rapist or murderer or bring to question whether he is a murderer or rapist or discuss the story of Glenn Beck raping and murdering a girl back in the 90s.













VIDEO ABOVE: Keith Olbermann admits he UNDERSTANDS why this rumor has been spreading, he admits that this rumor, is the same bullshit that Glenn Beck does, he thinks fighting fire with fire is wrong, but he does understand the purpose and meaning.


Above Video: Glenn Beck creeps out Dina when he offers to take pornographic photos of her


ABOVE: Glenn Beck admits he should be in prison, admits he would kill children, admits other things as well, parody or real? you decide. (and no they are not my goddamned videos and no I am not “hosting”, I am just mirroring youtube so feel free and kiss my ass Glenn Beck Attorneys)


* Glenn Beck probably doesn’t really thank you, that is sarcasm.  If you are a Glenn Beck lawyer reading this: **Hi, I think Glenn Beck totally rocks, could you please get me his autograph?

** Yes, that was more sarcasm

*** I do not condone, endorse, agree with, disagree with, have an opinion about, have knowledge of or really give a crap about any of the websites that i may or may not have linked to or talked about, even if the link is on my own site, even if i wrote the article, or pretended I wrote it or . . lawyer talk brain melting . . section 4.13 of penal . . codes for Nintendo’s duck hunt boxing supreme, or neglected to talk about or even think about or , ummm . Glenn Beck whatever. . .

**** My spell checker told me to capitalize Google, so I did, but I should have known that anyway.

***** I know these are not in order and who cares?  Is anyone REALLY reading these anyway?  Am I typing this all for no reason?

Below is simply a list of what you may have typed to have found this page.  I am not asking if Glenn Beck ever killed anyone, I am simply a repository of cool stuff.

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Did Glenn Beck Murder a girl in 1990

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Did Glen Beck Rape a girl in 1990

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