David Icke and his Homeboy Credo Mutwa say YOU are a Hemaphrodite. Say WHAT!? What’s the agenda?

Are aliens creating homosexuals and bisexuals?, www.abovetopsecret.com Hermaphroditic Agenda www.youtube.com z13.invisionfree.com David Icke, Arizona Wilder and the Biggest Secret By Ivan Fraser On this very powerful day, he had people all over the world sending thought energy based upon the most horrific images of blood-spattered tombs and child sacrifice, DIRECTED AT PERHAPS THE MOST POWERFUL ENERGY POINT IN THE WORLD! Did they really need to do a blood ritual with that kind of energy focussed on it? Is this another way that David has been set up to actually do the very job he is trying to expose? I refer you to my chapter on the predators to see how that may fit into the Illuminati agenda. Hermaphrodites In Hollywood Hermaphroditism is a sex development disorder in which a person birthed through an incestuous relationship is cursed with both male and female gene tails. They are often called Intersex,Androgynous,In-Between, Gender Benders,Transexuals,Hijras, and Eunuch. The reproductive organs might be fully or partially developed and can be at various developing stages. Therefore, the people who are stuck with both the reproductive organs are called hermaphrodites and condition “Hermaphroditism”. thetruthabouthermaphrodites.blogspot.com www.youtube.com David Icke Aleister Crowley connection part 1 I have found a link between David Icke and the Satanist Freemason Aleister Crowley – David Icke’s ex-wife Pamela Leigh Richards uses Crowleys quote on the website header