Crimes of the Europeans

from the Mexica Movement website

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Europeans first assaulted our Cemanahuac lands (“The Western Hemisphere”) with their terrorist attacks of 1492 (Columbus the pirate, enslaver, and genocidal murderer). In 1519 Europeans (Cortez, the twin beast of Columbus) invaded our Anahuac lands (Mexico, “Central America”, “The Western and Southern United States”) with more terrorism, massacres and enslavement.

The Europeans (Spaniards, French, and English) and their Criollo descendants broke up our Anahuac-culture lands into what they called: “The Louisiana Purchase” (1803); Mexico (1821); “Central America” (1823); and the “U.S. Southwest” (Texas in 1836 and the rest in 1848). This was a way of making us foreigners on our own lands. We have been made slaves to the interests of the invaders and squatters (people who come to our land to claim it as theirs) who have stolen our rights to the resources and wealth of our land.

The other lands that are not part of the cultural unity of Anahuac belong to our other Nican Tlaca brothers and sisters of this hemisphere, not to the Europeans.


Throughout this campaign of terror, theft, and Genocide, that Europeans have euphemistically called “discovery and exploration” , they behaved exactly like murderous terrorists, pirates, barbaric vandals, graverobbers, enslavers, thieves, liars, rapists, and a culture of uncivilized people. They used deceit, dishonesty, and their general dishonorable behavior, as tools against us.

They also used biological weapons as their cowardly weapon of choice against us?in the form of smallpox and other diseases to which they knew we had no immune defenses. This monstrous biological warfare and their uncivilized behavior are what truly destroyed the military defenses of our people. It was not horses or canons, or “military genius” that defeated us and killed millions of our people.

For those who say that Spain and the rest of Europe did not know that they were spreading biological weapons on our people, we respond:

Compare the present-day situation with AIDS and the colonialist- period diseases (primarily smallpox) that the Europeans used as a biological weapon against us.

We’ll use an example of a person who has AIDS. This person (he or she) is a carrier of the disease (meaning that they themselves don’t die or show symptoms from AIDS). That AIDS infected carrier then has sex with several people. These people later die from that sexual contact. At first that carrier may not have known that they had the disease or that they are carriers of the disease. But from the point that they do know that they are killing people by having sex with them, from point, that infected person has the moral duty to stop spreading their disease.

But when that person continues to have unprotected sex knowing this, and more people die from that sexual contact, this person is now a murderer. That murderer can selfishly justify to himself or herself that they cannot help themselves from having sex because their sexual appetite is so strong. The reality is that they know they are killing people. They know that it is wrong but they are deriving personal pleasure from the act of sex and they feel that they cannot stop that pleasure even if it kills dozens or hundreds of humans.

If that person was a moral person they would simply stop having sex or at least use condoms while engaging in sex to cut the percentage of those killed. But when this person doesn’t care about human life and their monstrous greed for sex is unquenchable, and they knowingly continue to have unprotected sex, they have then become serial killers, mass murderers, monsters.

We can compare this scenario with what the Europeans did when they invaded our lands. They immediately saw the deadly effects of contact with our people in the islands of the Caribbean. Within one generation they saw the death that they had impaled our people on. 90 to 100 percent of all of our people on those islands who they came in contact with were killed by European biological warfare.

Columbus and his pirates spread this biological warfare (in the form of small pox) throughout the rest of the Caribbean (they killed 10 million human beings). Cortez used this same weapon in Anahuac (23 million killed). Pizarro used it in the Inca areas (20 million killed). Europeans continued to use this biological weapon all the way down to the establishment of the 18th century “missions” in California. Individual “Americans” and the “U.S.” government used smallpox with blankets in the 19th century as a way to “clear Indians off the land” (this made an additional 10 million of our people that were killed in the rest of “North America” from the point that the English and French Europeans invaded our lands there).

The Europeans’ monstrous initial appetite for our gold and the enslavement of our labor quickly became a genocidal appetite for our land. Immediately after they saw that they were killing us with their diseases, they could have simply stopped contact with us (if they were a decent caring people) and taken their people back to Europe (which would have been the moral thing to do), but their greed had them coming to our land in boatloads (as pirates, invaders, terrorists, squatters and killing machines), killing us in every possible way that they could, whenever they made contact with us.

They knew of their deadly effect on our people, but they (like the AIDS carrier in the earlier story) didn’t stop.

This uncivilized and criminal Genocidal behavior has become not just the crime of Columbus and Cortez, it has now become the collective and ongoing crime of the Europeans in Europe and their descendants on our land. Europe and the European squatters on our land continue to benefit from the crimes of their ancestors.

From the first hour of October 12, 1492 when Europeans illegally first landed on our land, they changed their reality, their morality, and their truth forever:

European Terrorism on Our Land, and Crimes Against Humanity became
“discovery and conquest”;

Stealing All of Our Land and Wealth and Making Us Poor
became “manifest destiny”;

Murdering Our Leaders, and Massacring Our Women and Children
became “military operations”;

Enslavement of Our People and Land to the Interests of Europeans
became “the birth of capitalism”;

European “accomplishments” based on Stealing Our Wealth became
“Western Civilization” ;

and the Monstrous Evils of Colonialism, Slavery,
became “America”.

There has been nothing civilized, “Christian”, moral, or ethical in the behavior of Europeans since the moment that they illegally set foot on our land. They killed unarmed men, women, and children in the tens of millions. They assaulted, mutilated and tortured our people in order to keep us terrorized, and in a state of constant submission to the process of genocide.

In the last 500 years, in addition to the terrorizing of our Anahuac people, the theft of our lands and the theft of our wealth and natural resources, we have seen: the enslavement of our people; our life-or-death forced conversion to Christianity; the destruction of our Anahuac cities; the burning of our libraries; the execution of our leaders; the theft and/or destruction of our cultural wealth; the theft of our labor; and the theft of our true Anahuac identity, history, heritage, and theology.

But the worst of all of their crimes was, and still remains being, the genocide of 23 million of our people (the 95 % of our population that was savagely killed from 1519 to 1580). Additionally, another 60 to 80 million (or more) Nican Tlaca were annihilated in Cemanahuac (“Western Hemisphere”) in the last 500 years.

This genocide is worse than the Jewish, Armenian, African, or any other holocaust or genocide in the history of humanity. We have only begun to seriously understand this in the last 50 years. We are only now beginning to see the monstrous effects that this has had on us as a people.

In order to more properly understand the immensity of this, you have to know that in 1519, Anahuac had a population of about 25 million human beings. In 1519, China also had about 25 million human beings. Today China has over 1,300,000,000 (one billion, 300 million) people. This means that there are over one billion of our people who are not alive today. There are only a little over 150 million people of Anahuac heritage who are alive today. We are what is left of Anahuac’s possible one billion people.

The European Genocide of our people destroyed our Einsteins, Shakespeares, Newtons, and all of the other possibilities for greatness that our nation had in the last 500 years.

We must learn all of this history of Genocide in order to properly honor our ancestors. We must remember all of the European crimes committed against us.

We must today, honor and defend our ancestors, and our descendants, by teaching everyone all of the history of Anahuac, including the past and ongoing crimes of the Europeans.


1) THEFT OF OUR LAND was the initial crime of the Europeans. We did not ever give up the ownership of our land, nor did we ever invite Europeans onto our lands.

2) DECEIT AND DISHONOR by Europeans (along with the violation of our laws) and their unethical and immoral behavior, were what brought about their taking of our land, the genocide of our people, the enslavement of our remaining population, and all of their uncountable crimes against us.

3) RACIST TERRORISM has been the European method that was used to shock us into submitting to their control of our land and our lives.

4) PIRACY (looting, taking what is not yours to take) has been the European profession of choice by which they stole our people’s wealth of precious jewels, gold, silver, and other valuables, along with the wealth of our land.

5) VANDALISM has been another signature of European barbaric assaults on our civilization and culture. This defacement was done upon our physical landscape and upon the psychological well-being of our people.

6) KIDNAPPING of our people (as a prelude to extortion and /or enslavement) has been a violation of all nations’ sense of decency, law, and civilized behavior.

7) EXTORTION (usually for gold) from our lands has been another favorite crime of the Europeans. They mostly killed their victims, even when ransom was paid.

8) MURDER OF OUR LEADERS was a peculiarly vicious and dishonorable ongoing crime of Europeans. This crime exhibited the total failure of a sense of honor amongst the Europeans. Deceit was usually involved in the murder of our leaders.

9) MASSACRES of unarmed civilian men, women, and children on our lands. This at first happened in the dozens, then hundreds, and eventually it led to routine slaughters in the thousands.

10) GENOCIDE of our people became possible when they discovered that they had built-in biological weapons of mass destruction in their bodies’ exposure to smallpox and other diseases—for which we had no immune defenses. They used this biological weapon which was 90 to 98% effective in killing us.

11) TORTURE AND MUTILATION was initially used to get us to surrender all gold objects to Europe. This technique was later used by the church to force conversions and to get confessions out of our people.

12) GRAVE ROBBERY has been an ongoing habit of Europeans from the beginning. This was a way of quickly stealing wealth that was not guarded.

13) ENSLAVEMENT OF OUR PEOPLE to do the work that they were too lazy to do themselves, has been another nasty European habit.

14) DESTRUCTION OF CITIES to take away our pride in our heritage, has been an almost totally successful European crime.

15) BURNING LIBRARY BOOKS in the tens of thousands by Europeans, has been one of the most devastating crimes that can never be mended or reconstructed.

16) UNIVERSITIES & SCHOOLS DESTROYED as a means of enslaving us to ignorance and to serving the interests of Europeans.

17) RACIAL RAPE of our people defiled us as a nation and tainted our people with the filth of their racism that says: More European blood is better.

18) CULTURAL CASTRATION in which laws were decreed that prohibited our people from learning our own culture, our languages, or even the simplicity of having our true names and identity.

19) PROHIBITION OF OUR THEOLOGY which forced the hypocritical version of Christianity on our people.

20) CONTINUATIONS OF THESE CRIMES up to the present day without guilt, reparations, or the “reality thought” that Europeans were in any way evil or monstrous in their actions.