Cop Kicks Head of Man After He Surrenders.

To fast forward, chase ends at 5:26

Question: What happens if you give up, go prone on the ground with your arms and legs spread out wide and offer no further resistance?

Answer: You get kicked in the head and punched in the kidneys with a baton while fat cops high five each other.

So, was this guy breaking the law and endangering people? yes, does he deserve to get kicked in the head? probably.  Are the cops the ones that should be responsible for doling out punishment to people? NO.

Here is MY opinion, let say you are the person who says “that guy was way wrong, when you run from the cops and break the law, you better be ready for what they give you and don’t whine about it”

Well think about it, which law is it that you are talking about?  What if you visit your kids after your spouse puts a restraining order on you, should the cops beat your ass then?  What if you are meeting in a public place with like minded individuals about as topic that you strongly believe in, but you do not have or were not allowed to have a permit, should you be beat then?  perhaps you are pregnant and you shoplifted food, can they beat you then?  If you said no to any of those, I would like to ask you who will be the one that makes the decision of just what crimes or what types of people we can beat up before bringing to trial.  No matter how angry we get, it is not up to the cops to punish people, that’s the job of other the other prisoners.

What’s YOUR opinion? Does he deserve what he got, was that police officer wrong, am I an idiot?  Let’s hear your comments below:police_kicks-man-in-head-police-brutality-brutalizes-prisoner