‘Blackjack’ evil NWO cartoon

I ran across this cartoon which is published in the UK Telegraph online, its high quality ‘Heavy Metal’ style cartooning, even using some photographs. Notice the actual photo of the Roswell rancher, odd to me. The plot is nuclear attack world wide done by ‘Patriots’, martial law is declared, many beatings of tea party protesters in the streets. Detention camps filled. After Iran, Syria, and China are nuked by the US ‘the debt is wiped clean’. Ive been saying thats their goal for 2 years. It goes on to describe how the North American Union is formed overnite with a ‘new president’, all the politicians are arrested for later trial, and the story gets weirder from there. Anyway Ive read thru this cartoon a few times, there are many ‘code’-like things in it, below I’ll leave a couple of links from the ‘code-breakers’ on this cartoon, its interesting anyway. and thought it particularly evil and parallels what I think is actually going on. All these events in the Blackjack cartoon start in late June 2010, and coincide with Operation Blackjack, a joint military nuclear ‘training excercise’. Probably just a coincidence though ;P www.youtube.com www.abovetopsecret.com