Bayfield County District Attorney H. Craig Haukaas Charged with Felony and Suspended

image Suspended Bayfield County District Attorney H. Craig Haukaas and a supporter of J.B. Van Hollen will stand trial for Felony misconduct while in office.

Haukaas has been accused of conspiring with a defendant to miss a court appearance three years ago in exchange for the defendant’s departure from Wisconsin. The man, Joseph Soulier, was supposed to stay out of the state for three years, but did not.

Haukaas faces arraignment next month on charges of felony misconduct in office and conspiracy to entice a defendant to commit bail jumping.

A complaint against Haukaas filed by special prosecutor Guy T. Ludvigson alleges that because of the agreement, Soulier missed a Dec. 3, 2003, court appearance, which amounted to bail jumping. He returned to the state before the three years expired and was picked up on a state warrant.

At the time of the deal, Soulier likely was to go to jail on three misdemeanor charges because he had previous convictions, said his former public defender, Joe Crawford. Crawford, who cut the deal with Haukaas, testified at a preliminary examination in exchange for immunity from criminal charges.

Crawford said both he and Haukaas wanted to keep Soulier out of prison, agreed on a plan and then decided Soulier would not have to attend his next court date.

Haukaas’ attorney Gene Linehan of Wausau said that the agreement "probably should’ve been mentioned" to the court, but that Haukaas didn’t commit a crime by keeping it secret.
Douglas County Circuit Court Judge George Glonek scheduled Haukaas for arraignment Jan. 30. Linehan said his client plans to plead not guilty.

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Bayfield county voter

Haukass is a crooked, out of control person!!! He needs to be taken out of power, I beg someone to run for Bayfield county D.A.. Now that he got away with this crime he is even more cocky. He is supporting his friend Gene Linehan in the Bayfield county race for judge. Linehan was his attorney in this case. The prosecuting attorney was an older guy that has not worked a case of this level in many years, if ever. It was set to fail from the beginning. Can you imagine Linehan and Haukass working the system together???? The possibilities are endless for them. How could they be stopped? They could buy and sell verdicts, plea bargains and do the most daring unethical thing ever and we wouldn’t even know


John Krogstad Burlington, MA
Who knows the background and machinations of this case, e.g., who filed the complaint and with whom, and who had the authority to assign a judge to review the complaint? Thank you.


what’s the storey here??i cant get any info on this,anyone care to fill me in? I’d be grateful.


upnorthbayco, Minneapolis, MN
call atty Fred Bourg….he knows it all