Alex Jones Show June 21 2011 – Gerald Celente, TSA Molestors

On this Monday edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex talks about the outlawing of embedding YouTube videos, the criminalization of the gold trade, and the war clouds growing over Libya and Syria. Alex takes your calls and covers the latest news. ___________________________________________________ http ___________________________________________________ Alex jones authorizes the use and distribution of his materials for non-profit, educational purposes. Keywords Trends Researcher Gerald Celente TSA Child Molestors Pedobear Rape Molestation Patdown Naked Body Scanner Scanners Rapists Molest Resistance State Sovereignty 10th Amendment Middle East North Africa The Alex Jones Show “Alex Jones” Infowars Prison Planet “Prison Planet” PrisonPlanet “June 21” “6 21” 2011 Illuminati Conspiracy global government globalism new world order no bush obama joker endgame NWO anonymous reddit digg delicious youtube video censorship “Alex Jones Today” “New Alex Jones”