Alex Jones Finally Talks Pole Shift Feb. 7 2011

Alex Jones is finally talking pole shift. There have been several videos that have gone viral over the last several days in reference to a mystery female caller who supposedly called in to AJ’s show. She claimed to be from the White House or a former WH employee & said that we would have a pole shift by March 15, 2011. It was alleged that this caller was edited out of the subsequent AJ video uploaded to YT. There were a lot of back-and-forth videos and comments, each becoming more and more absurd, including some about “David the retired guy” and involving alleged misinfo spread by and others. BTW, there was no mention of the “mystery caller” or of the March 15th prediction date in this AJ video. He said he will continue this polar shift discussion tomorrow. Regardless of how you feel about AJ, he does sometimes provide valid information. You must discern the truth for yourself, but I do find it suspicious that AJ is now talking about this. Fair Use and all that …. Alex Jones on YouTube: Article on both infowars and prisonplanet: Article from