A message from Anonymous, wikileaks.

Greetings anon brothers and sisters..The world is currently at a crossroads..We have come a long way in our journey..only this journey will never truly come to an end.. The best we can hope for is to arm the next generation with the proper tools to do battle. To fight for each and every single persons rights, to take down corruption at any cost, by any means. This task will never end, we are aware of this. This war cannot be won, only endured. For there will always be others willing to take their place in the name of power and wealth at the sake of others freedom. For that very reason, we must press harder, we must not lose our momentum, we must not give up any ground. While the enemies are surely coming up with ways to misguide the public, to contaminate the masses further, we cannot falter or grow complacent with our recent successes. We must continue to wield our weapon effectively and efficiently and without mercy, one more powerful and destructive than any military tank, missile or drone. Our weapon is the very thing we fight for, our weapon is the very thing you try to control, and punish the use of. You do this for one reason, you are scared. You know the chaos that resides just over the horizon, you know how susceptible you are to us. You condemn us because you are desperate. You’ve seen this happen in the past, we can smell your fear, and it feeds us. Fear us, fear the truth. You will not stop us. For we are bullet proof, we are invisible, we are everywhere, we