2 Million Lose Jobless Benefits in DECEMBER 2010! European Revolution!

Video commentary about a 2 million people losing unemployment benefits in December 2010, Wikileaks spreading disinformation, pensions seized In France, Hungary & Ireland, the US Senate passing the Food Safety S. 510 bill and US Commission Civil Rights report on New Black Panther voter intimidation. Wayne Madsen : The Wikileaks its relation to Soros and Internet Censorship – Is it disinformation? geraldcelentechannel.blogspot.com Unemployment extension unlikely; jobless file for last checks finance.yahoo.com Bailout Contagion Hits Europe As Pensions Seized In France, Hungary & Ireland To Pay Banks blacklistednews.com Passage of the Bill (S. 510 as Amended ) www.senate.gov US Commission on Civil Rights report on New Black Panther voter intimidation www.usccr.gov Commission’s Interim Report www.usccr.gov