10/15/08: Presidential Debate “Hidden Microphone” on Iraq Vet

10/15/08: Presidential Debate Unseen “Hidden Microphone” Footage – Police Arrest and Abuse Iraq Veterans Against the War Produced by Mr. E of www.PIMPINTURTLE.com at the New York Film Academy This video is dedicated to every veteran, dead or alive, who has ever been pushed around by a police officer that enjoys abusing his or her power. Furthermore, this video is dedicated to every veteran, dead or alive, who has fought to protect our liberties Especially those who have come back to find that their liberties have been extinguished while they fought abroad. Thank you to Adam Kokesh, Matthis Chiroux , Kristofer Goldsmith and the other veterans at the debate who were willing to risk arrest and their lives to let their voices be heard. You will be remembered forever. Why is this injustice not being covered by the mainstream news? That is for you to decide… Help out and spread this video virally as fast as possible… Facebook, myspace, Email it, send it to everyone… Do your part to help support the troops… The Hempstead 15 will be defending themselves in court for charges of disorderly conduct on November 10th, 2008 at 9:00 am at the Hempstead Courthouse located at 99 Main St. in Hempstead, New York. Please come out and show your support on this fateful day for these fine individuals. If police can treat Veterans this way and get away with it, what is to stop them from doing the same to civilians? Furthermore, many people have told me to sell this footage to the