Which country owns the most gold?

Here’s a couple of interesting videos showing the world’s biggest gold holders.

But which country purchased the most in the past decade? The answer may surprise you.

Makes you wonder, what do those countries know or do that America does not?


JJSBACK: metric tons is an unit for weight right? 1 metric tons = 1000kg… which is the weight of a mini car on average… gold has a density a bit less than three times that of steel… So… could 500 ton really make a SoL?
Nick Morgan: Hahaha… what ridiculous propaganda! Statues of Liberty over China and Russia.

What kind of comparison is the size of the statue of liberty. What % of the world have actually visited the Statue of Liberty.

And one more thing… yes, you could make a statue of liberty out of gold but given the density it would not be the same size. But i suppose you did not specify whether it was hollow or gold-plated, so Russia also buys enough gold to make a Kremlin or perhaps a ZhongNanHai.

Really Bloomberg..? for a company that is considered “the source” of financial info you really should be more careful with your analysis. And perhaps you should not be so crass.

Tragically it seems that bloomberg is heading down the FOX news route!


abelardo nery in reply to Nick Morgan

            With background music like that who needs the metric system. We measure in statues of liberties.

Husni Jabir in reply to Nick Morgan

Density of Gold is 19.3 metric tons per cubic meter. I means a cube of 3 meters x 3 m x 3m will be 521 tons ( or 10 feet x 10 feet x 10 feet = 547 tons ) . This video conveys only propaganda but not real fact.

Steve Lockhart: How would you know, China consumes all the gold it produces for starters and they are not going to tell anyone how much that is if it doesn’t suit them.


Saurabh Vyas: Unfortunately seems an ill-researched video… according to WGC India still is the largest consumer gold market with a staggering 864.2 metric tonnes in 2012 (and that is 12% decline from previous year)


Gold Luvr

Yes, gold forever!