Tech Update #114 Cuba Invades Poland

Has life got you down lately?, feeling down or just generally unhappy? Well its Friday so let Logan and Maks fill that gaping hole of sorrow with some Tech Update goodness. Today on Tech Update we have a lot of gaming news, beyond what we usually have, to the point of just renaming this episode to game update would suffice and Maks is all hopped up on Cuban Coffee. Kicking it off we have some epic news about an exciting title being launched, My Little Pony MMO has been confirmed and ready to be played for free online, please try to contain yourselves. We’ve got some Darks Souls news, Doom 3 source code, playing battlefield 3 without Origin (Try at your own risk), new Syndicate trailer, GTAV trailer, and even the first 24 mins of Skyrim gameplay. In non video game related news we dabble with wrist mounted crossbows, talk a walk in the park from home, wikileaks losing appeal, AMD GPU driver update and X79 insanity. So hunker down and enjoy this half hour of goodness, its Tech Update and we’re occupying Youtube, but just on Fridays. Links to the Past: Epic My Little Pony MMO: Steve Jobs Most Important for video games: First 24 minutes of Skyrim: Assange: Assange Fails: Parks on StreetView: AMD GPU Drivers: X79 Insanity: BF3 No Origin: DOOM3 source code: Dark Souls Ships 1.5 million world wide