NH: Judge dismisses Ankrom disorderly charge

Sponsor: ManchesterBrewing.com – Manchester District Court judge delivers fourth victory to Grafton, New Hampshire liberty activist Ivy Ankrom. That means she’s four for four in her victimless crime trial. This video was edited 12 and first uploaded 12/19/08. Information from NHFree.com Court video from http Unfolding details: nhunderground.com If you wouldlike to commission an ad like the one in this video, the cost as of 12/08 is three cents per video view. But views beyond the 1st week are free, your link in the video descrip is also free, and the price goes down 30% for orders over $100. Give me a shout through this site, or e-mail me: RidleyReport at… live period com If you’re a Metacafe viewer, please note that metacafe strips most links off my video descrip when I dupe from youtube. Additional Keywords: manchester brewing brewery concord combat ale beer ron paul dave ridley report ridleyreport free state project grafton libertarian freedom to travel right to free marketeer campaign for liberty michael badnarik staters freestaters paulville alex jones america freedom to fascism new world order barry cooper never get busted kop busters cops cops taser tazer don’t taze me bro dont police abuse prison jail war on drugs intimidation blue light gang kop busters human rights watch amnesty international departmentserenity firefly sovereign rebellion liberty dollar live free or die sarah palin court prison jail judge prosecutor defense attorney defendant lawyers ayn rand