World Trade Center North Tower Panel Section Found at Corner of Cedar and West 9/11

Next to Saint Nicholas Greek Othordox Church, 155 Cedar. Cryptome on YouTube got higher resolution images (from John Young’s NIST FOIA request) of the modular panel section found at the corner of Cedar and West next to St. Nick’s church. The modular panel section that had a loose tire in it. NIST claims the modular panel section comes from the south face of WTC1 (World Trade Center one, or the north tower) and that the tire dislodged it. See for a long version plus some [faked-all images have been tampered with] images of the 911 tsunami. Decided to upload this after that video had 1776 views, since 1776 is a such an important number for those attacking us-the founders of the UN. For those wondering, our American “7” [seven] is a European “1” [one]. Substitute 1’s for the 7’s and turn it upside down (they worship the devil!) and one gets 9 11 1 Yup. It was preordained from the first day of America. Check the back of the one dollar federal reserve note ($1 bill); the “1776” found there has nothing to do with patriotism and allegiance to our republic. “AA” and “77” are both “11” in Lucifer’s world. September 11, 2011=9 11 11 Our English friends may want to do the same thing with 7 7 6 (July 7, 2006). March 18 is the 77th day of the year, sorry Japan, sorry Libya. Bottom line. The modular panel section “found” at Cedar and West