Seattle Police Brutality: First Report & Original Raw Footage by Jud Morris

RevolutionNews.US — Cop “I’m going to Beat the F☠CKING Mexican Piss out of you Homey! You Feel Me!?” DEMAND ARREST AND PROSECUTION FOR BATTERY / HATE CRIME! CALL THE PROSECUTOR AT (206) 296-9000. Police video: Cameraman tells his side of race-related incident… Seattle police have started an internal investigation after viewing an April 17 video of a Gang Unit detective telling a suspect he was going to “beat the f***ing Mexican piss” out him during a robbery investigation. The video, which debuted last month on YouTube, shows a Gang Unit detective hitting the suspect’s head with his foot and stomping on the suspect’s arm. A woman patrol officer is also seen stepping on the man. The man was released from the scene on Westlake Avenue North. The detective, Shandy Cobane, and the officer “have been administratively reassigned pending the outcome” of the Office of Professional Accountability investigation that started days ago, according to department statements. An officer familiar with the investigation identified Cobane. Mayor Mike McGinn called the video disturbing. The City Council has requested a briefing on the results of the internal review. Cobane, 44, has been with the department since Oct. 1993, and a week after the controversial incident was the subject of an unrelated alleged attack in Belltown. Last October, he and fellow members of the Gang Unit won and impact award at the Seattle police awards banquet. Videographer Jud Morris, 46, said he was working for