Police Officer Threatens to Execute and Beat Man for Legally Having a Gun and Permit

CANTON, Ohio – Officer Daniel Harless goes into a rage and threatens to execute a motorist who was legally carrying a concealed weapon. Bartlett has a permit to carry a concealed weapon and said he tried to tell the officer that he had a gun when he was pulled over on in the early morning hours of June 8th in a high crime area. What are your rights talking to a Police Officer: policecrimes.com Know your rights, never talk to police officers! But the 52-year-old Brewster man said the officer would not let him talk. Bartlett told Fox 8, “Would you have yelled ‘I have a gun?’. I just kept my mouth shut, I kept my hands on the wheel like I had been instructed to, I had my CCW in hand, I tried to hand it to him and he wanted no part of it.” Bartlett said Patrolman Daniel Harless flew into a rage a short time later when he revealed he was carrying a gun. “I thought I was in trouble, deep trouble, more than just going to jail trouble”, said Bartlett. He said Officer Harless then began to threaten his life. “If you had a man threatening to execute you, what would you think? That’s where I’ll leave it at that,” said Bartlett. The posting of the video on the web has given Canton a undeserved bad name, according to City Council President Allen Schulman. Schulman told Fox 8, “We’ve received hundreds of e-mails, all from out of town, not only out of town but out of state, Texas, Arizona, places that seem to love people carrying concealed weapons.” Schulman said the case illustrates