Original Explosions of Reactors #1 & #3 Fukushima Japan

I Posted this as a REMINDER of just how extensive the Reactors melted down to produce enough Hydrogen to cause this amount of SEVERITY or INTENSITY of an explosion. The Explosions… That’s right the Multiple explosions of Reactor #4 that were not seen as well as the MULTIPLE FIRES from “supposedly burning oil” of Reactor #4 due to they happened mainly at night. You can see the “black roof” of Reactor #1 Rise and then crash upon the Reactor. You can see the “black roof” section rise thousands of feet in the air kind of “capping” the cloud of debris creating a slight left leaning flat tilt to the top of the explosion cloud. Notice the SUBSTANTIAL pieces of Equipment weighing hundreds if not thousands of tons as they only made it half way up & begin to fall out of the cloud of debris. These items are up to twice the size of a house. They are mostly Metal and possibly concrete. And COULD BE the Massive Green Crane & Cross Beam Structure. You can see the HD photos of a “mangled BURNT Green” structure off to the side of the reactor #3. If you look closely you can see the “burnt green crane & it’s motor/structure”. I may be correct in this… cryptome.org SEE REACTOR #3 EXPLOSION: www.youtube.com Huge beam heading down like a spear: www.youtube.com Crane Assembly?: You can see entire Roof on top of mushroom cloud. www.youtube.com www.youtube.com