New Zealand – Jenni McManus – Corrupt Cops – Willcox Tape In 1987-88 seriously corrupt police officers conspired with a local Newspaper to destroy a successful business. The reason they set about doing this? One of the owners had given evidence against a police officer in a trial four years earlier. That cop was Constable Stanley Matthew Willcox. Willcox went on to become a Detective and used that power in a conspiracy to get revenge Willcox enlisted the services of his bent colleagues and together they successfully conspired to bring down the businesses by phoning finance companies, insurers and using the Media to create a smoke screen behind which they hid their own criminal offending. McManus was an unwitting pawn, not however a valid excuse. Her blatant bias and the fact that she did not check properly before going to print are beyond forgiveness. The men that Willcox had enlisted were known to be bent: Detectives Malcolm John Thomas, Dave Nielson, Hemi Hikawai, Laurie Naden, Condon, James Kenneth Cunningham and Senior Sergeants Alan Davidson and Chester Haar.