EMT assaulted by State Trooper Sunday near Paden OK

Fascist state troopers upsety that the ambulance mistakeenly did not yeild to them , trys to arrest the EMT , with a patient on the way to the hospital , the trooperese did not even have their lights on . These guys are misinformed testoserone junkies hyped out of their minds . He assualted the EMT , charge the pig and stick him in a box with bars . It happened Sunday near Paden in Okfuskee County. Thats about 70 miles southwest of Tulsa. Kenyada Davis mother was being transported in the ambulance and recorded the incident on his cell phone camera. This highway patrolman pulled over my moms ambulance because he was mad we didnt pull over and hes trying to arrest the EMT from taking my mother to the hospital, Davis is seen saying on the recording. Davis continues to record as first, one trooper can be seen talking to one of the paramedics. A couple of minutes later, another trooper is seen confronting another paramedic and attempting to arrest him. The paramedic can be seen shoving the trooper at which time the scuffle breaks out. “You will respect my authority , because I am the law ” – FU dumazz you don’t even know the law