Armed Police Seize University of Pittsburgh Campus, Fire Tear Gas On Students

Armed Police marched on the University of Pittsburgh campus after students gathered in hopes of getting a glimpse of Barack Obama at the Phipps Conservatory. There were maybe 20 protesters, and several hundred watching, at first. The police threw tear gas into the crowd, but the crowd reassembled. Later that night the police used serious intimidation techniques, including firing tear gas into crowds, using rubber bullets on students, beating people on the sidewalk with batons, and charging at crowds and arresting those who didn’t run fast enough. Also, a new weapon called a Sound Cannon was fired on students, marking one of the first times the weapon has been used in America. (The first time was at a march earlier today, which I was also at.) Police MARCHED INTO OUR DORMITORIES and told us we needed to get in our rooms immediately or face arrest and expulsion. These are various snippets of video I took throughout the event. Later, Deputy Police Chief said that the police were moving against “anarchists” and that “some students” probably got caught up in the action.