Alex Jones on UFOs,Aliens,and Project Blue Beam

Alex Jones weighs in on UFOs,Aliens,and COSMIC TOP SECRET “Project Blue Beam” – A MUST SEE!!! Contains MUCH MORE VIDEO and INFORMATION! Including some NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN “UFO” footage! (And “EXTRA” special BONUS FOOTAGE!) Please read my article that goes FAR DEEPER into all of this than this video does at: *************************** Wernher Von Braun (Discussing the PREVENTION of the “Weaponization of space”) would repeat over and over to his secretary Dr. Carol Rosin… “And the last card,the last card Carol will be the extraterrestrial threat,and remember…It’s ALL a LIE”! (Paraphrasing)- Wernher Von Braun – US “Father of Rocketry”… See the video for yourself! President Ronald Reagan eluded to this TOP SECRET PROJECT (The coming FAKE “Alien Invasion”,so that THEY can usher in the NWO!) at the United Nations.See the video for yourself! Don’t be DECEIVED people! As Dr. Von Braun said… “It’s ALL a LIE”! And remember the words of our Lord Jesus Christ… “Then if ANY man shall say unto you,Lo,here is Christ,or there;believe it NOT.For there shall arise false Christs,and false prophets,and shall show great signs and wonders;insomuch that,if it were possible,they shall DECEIVE the very elect.Behold,I have told you before.Wherefore if they shall say unto you,Behold,he is in the desert;go not forth: behold,he is in the secret chambers;BELIEVE IT NOT! For as the lightning cometh out of the east,and shineth even unto the west