The Alex Jones Show 1/3: Bankstergate: Geithners Cover-up of the AIG Bailout!!

Bankstergate and Business as Usual: Geithners Cover-up of the AIG Bailout Kurt Nimmo January 11, 2010 The New York Federal Reserve, under the direction of current Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, prohibited AIG from reporting that it was passing government bail-out funds directly to its buddies on Wall Street, most notably the criminal organization known as Goldman Sachs. More specifically, taxpayers were tapped (or their grand children were) to pay off bad gambling bets made by counterparties in the AIG derivatives casino. The mega-insurance corporation wanted banks to take 40 cents on the dollar against toxic CDOs (collateralized debt obligations). The banks turned to New York Fed mob boss Geithner who arranged an AIG sweetheart bailout with full knowledge the money would go to Goldman Sachs and the banksters to cover dollar-to-dollar protection of their gambling losses. Geithner did not report this to Securities and Exchange Commission on December 24. It was to be kept on the QT. In fact, before his confirmation hearings last year, Geithner was recused from matters dealing with specific companies and bailouts.