Jonesboro Cops Go TSA

Jonesboro Police Department – 1-870-935-5553 – Violating 1st , 4th , 5th amendments. August 17th 2010 – A Jonesboro, Arkansas man was arrested after filming police conduct a warrantless search of a woman’s vehicle and body who was his neighbor. Across the United States, police are adopting tactics not even seen in the worst Third World nations. has reviewed literally hundreds of videos which document the fact that police at routine traffic stops handcuff drivers with no probable cause and then search their cars and persons. Police officers then march across the street, up the driveway and into the man’s garage to demand that he show his papers. They then begin to discuss what they’re going to charge him with: “disorderly conduct.” No, let’s charge him with “obstruction of justice.” The officers then decide to go with “racial slur.” They then grab the camera away from the man and clap on the cuffs. The camera is then turned off. Here are just a few of the glaring issues that need to be addressed: 1. Why are police now routinely putting people in handcuffs, then conducting warrantless searches of their cars and bodies? 2. Even if calling police “Nazis” from your own yard offends some people, it is still protected speech under the First Amendment. Also, officers can’t just arrest you because their egos are bruised. this incident took place 11 months ago and is just now garnering attention on the web. Below is the statement of the cameraman arrested in his own



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